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Optimal Dosing Is Key With APOKYN1

  • APOKYN should be titrated on the basis of effectiveness and tolerance to achieve a best oral levodopa-like response.1
apokyn should be titrated on the basis of effectiveness & tolerance to achieve a best oral levodopa-like response. 0.2 - 0.6 mL is the recommended dose range.
  • In the pivotal controlled studies, the mean does of APOKYN were 0.54 mL, 0.4 mL, 0.46 mL, and 0.58 mL1
  • In a phase IV study, the optimal dose for:
  • 40% of patients was 0.4 mL2
  • 18% of patients was 0.5-0.6 mL2
  • APOKYN can be used up to 5x per day1
  • Doses must be separated by at least two hours1

Once the patient begins using an APOKYN cartridge, he or she should not continue using it for more than seven days. The cartridge should not be used if the solution has turned cloudy or green or has particles in it.2 APOKYN cartridges should be stored at room temperature, 77°F (25°C).1 When traveling, the cartridges should be kept at 59° to 86°F (15° to 30°C).1

Count on the APOKYN Pen to Help Patients Get Busy Living1

Apokyn Pen
  • Nearly 100% bioavailable1

Very fine (29 gauge) needle, for subcutaneous use only,* similar to that used by patients with diabetes who require insulin injections.3

*Thrombus formation and pulmonary embolism after intravenous administration have occurred.


of patients with Parkinson’s disease taking levodopa and experiencing OFF episodes were willing to self inject with a pen device to get moving again.4†

From a survey administered to 4,063 patients and caregivers/next of kin from a database, and in response to the question: “During OFF times, is the patient willing to consider using a pen device to get moving again?”4

Pen instructions were provided but potentially not read.4

For detailed instruction on using the APOKYN Pen, download the APOKYN Pen Instructions for Use / Patient Information.